United Nations Unknown Anomalies And Relics Agreement

The United Nations Unknown Anomalies and Relics Agreement

Scribed June 21st, 1998

Approved July 19th, 1998

With the discovery of the Vahumelic Society, the United Nations adjoin this day, the 21st of June, 1998, to lay our agreement for the handling of the new civilization.

The United Nations has agreed, with 146-42 in-favor for Worldsoc Technologies to be the front-runner of this endeavor. Therefore, the United Nations agrees to provide any materials necessary for Worldsoc Technologies' needs, such as electrical, technological, manufacturing, supply, or militaristic in nature. The United Nations holds sole authoritiy over Worldsoc Technologies, and has the right to cancel, halt, or postpone the exploration of any project, engineering or explorative in nature.

Should a problem occur during any point of the exploration of the Vahumelic Civilization, Worldsoc Technologies and its partners will contact the United Nations immediately through any of the allied countries with whatever means necessary. The United Nations expects to receive updates bi-monthly, only sent from Worldsoc Technologies Department Heads or Administrators of the company. Worldsoc Technologies and its partners will be held responsible for accidents and injuries, including (but not limited to) injury of mechanical nature, injury of blunt force, broken bones and limbs, lacerations, infections or injuries revolving around the Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear (CBRN) field, or death.

Workplace injuries must be recorded monthly and reported to the United Nations.

Below are the Articles of Vahumelic Discovery, and inside contains details on how the project should be handled.

ARTICLE I: Global Security

  1. Any and all discoveries of the Vahumelic Civilization shall be under the discretion of Worldsoc Technologies and its partners. Should any other external entity interfere with the line stated above, the penalty shall be severe and at the discretion of the United Nations.
  2. Should any threat be discovered in the civilization, human or not, Worldsoc Technologies and its partners have full authority to handle the situation as they see fit. The United Nations heavily recommends diplomatic attempts of communication.
  3. Worldsoc Technologies and its partner companies are solely responsible for the protection, admission, supervision, and distribution of information on the Vahumelic Island to any external entity. Should information be released to an entity without the permission of Worldsoc Technologies, its partners, or the United Nations, a severe internal investigation is required to be held, under the discretion of Worldsoc Technologies' Head of Internal Security Division, Alfred Fritz. Should this Head change at any time, it will be their duty to uphold this section of Article One.
  4. Leaks of information about the Vahumelic society on world-wide platforms, such as the Internet or Dark Web, the United Nations is responsible for containing and terminating the information online, along with tracking the person(s) who leaked said information. Jurisdiction of the criminals is under the responsibility of local and federal government laws.
  5. In the event that the Vahumelic Research Site(s) have a loss of containment or security, and Worldsoc Technologies requests assistance, the United Nations will respond ten-fold. With the island's location, the quickest nations to respond would be the United States of America and Japan.

ARTICLE II: Internal Security

  1. Worldsoc Technologies' Head of Internal Security shall be held accountable for any discrepancy within the Vahumelic Expeditions. They have the sole purpose to protect the members of Worldsoc Technologies, the Everdawn Corporation, and any future partners that join the project with the explicit permission of Erebus Lament and the United Nations.
  2. Should new partners of Worldsoc Technologies join the Vahumelic Expedition, the Internal Security Department must conduct an in-depth investigation into the company. All avenues of the investigation should be completed, with no area left unchecked. Any discrepancies should be reported to the United Nations.
  3. The Internal Security Department will have sole authority to distribute firearms as necessary to personnel of the appropriate access level. Automatic weapons should never be distributed below a Class Rho clearance. If an automatic or heavy weapon is found in the hands of a Class Chi employee or below, the Internal Security Department will be investigated by the Administration.
  4. Dissemination of classified material is intolerable. Should the Internal Security Department detect any leaked information, or should an outside nation/government agency discover leaked information in their cities and states, the perpetrator will be located and sentenced accordingly, with a minimum of 35 years in prison. In some cases, should the information be of great priority or severity, life sentences or death can be administered. All cases shall be under the jurisdiction of the Head of Internal Security.
  5. Interrogations must be held in a secure, closed location, with proper security and firepower for the task at hand. Should any live specimen be found inside the Vahumalic civilization, and is accepting of a diplomatic approach, proper safeguards are to be taken into account.
  6. All data handled by Worldsoc Technologies must be investigated thoroughly by the Internal Security department should any discrepancies arise. This includes - but is not limited to - academic misconduct, scientific integrity, company mismanagement, and more.
  7. The Internal Security Department is solely responsible for the integrity and loyalty of all personnel involved with the Vahumelic Expedition. If a person(s) go rogue, it is the responsibility of the Internal Security Department to track, detain, question, and handle the person(s).
  8. All data sent to the United Nations regarding personnel, supply, resources, and weapons must be investigated and cleared by Internal Security before being transmitted to the United Nations. If data does not match or is found to be faked, an investigation must be initiated by the Internal Security Department.
  9. Falsification of credentials and identity theft are highly punishable, and all personnel must have updated identity cards every one year. Worldsoc Technologies' Head of Internal Security shall be held accountable for any discrepancies with credentials, verification of credentials, or use of false credentials. Should an identity thief be caught, the Head of Internal Security has sole jurisdiction on appropriate punishment. Said punishments include (but are not limited to) demotion, administrative leave, imprisonment, or death.
  10. The Internal Security Department will work alongside the Information Technology department to keep the integrity and safety of the Worldsoc Technologies website. Should an error be detected within the servers or code of the website, the issue must be handled. If vital, internal data was leaked, the Information Technology Department must stop the sharing of said data, and the Internal Security Department must find the perpetrator.

ARTICLE III: Scientific Integrity

  1. As was the same with Internal Security, the Head of Science and Research under Worldsoc Technologies is held responsible for all tests, papers, validity of submissions, and the safety of their staff. They have the sole purpose of verifying all events within their laboratories.
  2. All research of the Vahumelic Civilization must be recorded, no matter the importance to Worldsoc Technologies. Failure to do so will result in possible removal of scientific staff from the project.
  3. Any and all samples of the Vahumelic Civilization will be handled with the upmost security and safety. Live organisms will be approached with caution, and any geological samples will require significant testing through CBRN to determine its safety.
  4. All scientific discoveries made by Worldsoc Technologies must be submitted to the United Nations quarterly. These discoveries will be analyzed by a specific selection from the worldwide scientific community, hand-picked by the United Nations, to determine its accuracy and academic validity. Should the data prove to be accurate, all researchers and analysts will be credited for their work. If the data comes through as false, a re-run of the data is required.
  5. Reports of progress within the scientific community under Worldsoc must be submitted quarterly, and if no new discoveries have been found, progress reports are to be bi-monthly. These reports must include information on technological systems, research equipment, any current samples undergoing tests, and psychological reports (yearly only) on scientific staff. These must be verified by the Head of Science and Research.

ARTICLE IV: Expendable Resources

  1. Worldsoc Technologies' Head of Manufacturing, Head of Supply, and Head of Prisoner Transfer and Lockup are responsible for all expendable resources handled within the Vahumelic project. Any discrepancy in any use of resources and materials are their responsibility, and they will account for all problems regarding the topic.
  2. Expendable resources must be handled with upmost care. Any mismanagement of resources given to Worldsoc Technologies and its partners will require an investigation into the Vahumelic project.
  3. Supplies needed by Worldsoc Technologies and its partners will be granted by the United Nations without question. All materials needed for the Vahumelic Expedition must be transported within 48 hours of a request.
  4. The United Nations and other supporting countries will be held solely responsible for the failure to deliver tools, materials, supplies, and food to the Vahumelic Expedition teams.
  5. Worldsoc Technologies must handle expendables with caution. Any failure to successfully keep expendables under control may result in a delay for the next request, or a denial from the nation being requested from.
  6. All used expendable resources must be cleaned appropriately after destruction. Should biological expendable resources be terminated, the identification tag the specimen was wearing must be recovered or the ID tag signature must be recorded as going offline in "VRF-001-HQ."
  7. Biological expendable resources are to be supplied by all United Nations members, and should their governments approve of the transportation of biological expendable resources, the specimens will be transported in the next 48 hours. Any means of transporting the material is approved by the United Nations and the Everdawn Corporation.

ARTICLE V: The Vahumelic Civilization

  1. Erebus Lament and Worldsoc Technologies is solely responsible for the efforts of discovering more within the Vahumelic Civilization. Should their partners act inappropriately, proper action must be taken.
  2. New discoveries within the Vahumelic Civilization, such as their culture, technology, and lifestyles, will be recorded to the best of Worldsoc Technologies' abilities. All discoveries are to be submitted to the scientific division, along with being uploaded to the secure servers.
  3. Any entity within the Vahumelic Caves, humanoid or not, that has the ability to speak, should be spoken to before any hostility can be shown. If an entity is malformed, aged greatly, or otherwise classified as "odd," it should still be spoken to and communicated with. Violence must be a last resort.
  4. No camps, temporary outposts, or otherwise human-made structures are to be constructed within the Vahumelic Caves. Any action shown to be making such a building will be immediately cancelled, and the perpetrator must be detained.

Mr. Didier Opertti | Signed on this day, July 19th, 1998 | Secretary-General of the United Nations
Mr. Erebus Lament | Signed on this day, July 19th, 1998 | CEO of Worldsoc Technologies
Mr. Karl Klein | Signed on this day, July 19th, 1998 | CEO of the Everdawn Corporation

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